Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lessons learnt.

Things I have learnt from my internship so far: 

1. Make a conscious effort to not talk to yourself out loud in public. Because y'know, PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY HEAR YOU.

2. Do not give the death glare to someone when they disturb you, especially when you're totally in the zone. A good alternative is to smile instead. 

3. Always bring food to the office. Always. You might not eat it, but it's okay, because just knowing it's there brings comfort like no other. 

4. Always give your full attention to anyone who is talking to you, or just talking in general. Even if you don't really like them. There is always something to pick up, something to learn from/of them. 

5. Walk with confidence. Put some pride in your stride! People notice. 


7. Express your ideas (to your higher ranking colleagues or mentor) whenever possible, as much as you can. As long as it makes sense and is plausible, throw it out there. It really is quite amusing how my laziness and tendency to cut corners to solve problems has been branded as being 'innovative'. Someone once mentioned that laziness is a strength more than a weakness, I see it now!

6 days down, many many more to go. 

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